How to Change the Author of a Presentation

A Company Administrator or - under certain settings - a Folder Administrator may change the author of a presentation. If you would like to change the author of a presentation, you will be able to from My Content, Home, or from the Administration section of your account.

To change the author from the Content tab:

  1. Navigate to the Content tab.
  2. Locate the presentation under the Content Portal or the My Content sections.
  3. Hover your mouse over the desired presentation.
  4. Select the three dots (ellipses) that populates to the bottom right of the presentation card.
  5. Click into the Change Author field.
  6. Find the name of the new author in the dropdown and select it.
  7. Click Apply to make the change.

 To change the author from Administration:

  1. Navigate to your Administration tools.
  2. Click Content in the menu on the left, then select Manage content (see below):
  3. Search for the presentation you'd like to edit.
  4. Determine if you are changing the author to one presentation or multiple presentations.
    • To change the author for one presentation:
      • Select the ellipses button under the Actions column.
    • To change the author for multiple presentations:
      • Select the checkbox to the left of the presentation titles.
      • Select the Edit button, shown as the "pencil" icon near the top right of the page (see below):
  5. Select Change Author.
  6. Locate and select the new author from the drop-down list.
  7. Click Apply to change the author.


  • Regardless of which method you use to change the author, be sure that the new author has authoring permissions in the folder that contains the presentation, or move the presentation to a folder in which they have authoring permissions.
  • If you are a Folder Administrator:
    • You can only change the author of presentations that are housed in the folder(s) that you have administrative rights to.
    • You can only change the author by following the steps from Administration.

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