How can I make a Personal Authoring Folder for authors?

Company Administrators can grant users access to store content in a personal authoring folder that is only visible to them by default. When a Personal Authoring Folder is created, the user automatically has viewing and authoring permissions to that folder.


Company Administrators can follow the below steps to set up a personal authoring folder. 

  1. Select the Administration drop-down from the top right of your account.
  2. Select Manage Users from the green users card.
  3. Search for the user profile and select the three dots (ellipses) under the Actions column.
  4. Select Create a personal authoring folder for this user from the User properties section.
  5. Click Submit to store changes moving forward. 


  • Company Administrators can also enable this option in bulk by entering a number "1" in column L of a Bulk User Upload spreadsheet. 
  • If desired, an Administrator can expand Viewing, Authoring, or Administrative folder permissions to other users from the Manage Folders section of Administration.

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