HubShare Rooms

What is a HubShare Room?

HubShare Rooms allow sellers to share and update sales materials for their buyer in one persistent, branded space. Unlike email, prospects can easily find the most up-to-date information.

HubShare Rooms are an upgraded type of HubShare. HubShare Rooms allow sellers to share and update documents for a customer in one persistent, branded space, creating a unified experience. Generate a HubShare Room in just a few clicks

  • Auto- templatized output with company branding

  • Easy customization with customer logo, title and personalized messaged field

  • Invite clients via  generated link unique to each room

  • Access form that captures viewer details 

  • Add, hide, and update files

  • Choose whether to sync a file to the latest version

  • Include interactive assets in a Room

  • Robust analytics at the file, page, and version level 

  • Schedule or manually expire Rooms at any time

New HubShare Room Logo:

  1. Navigate to Platform Configuration > General > Customization
  2. Under the Logo’s section there is a new option titled “WebApp - HubShare Room Logo”
  3. Upload your companies logo
  4. The optimal image size is 280 × 84 px

Create a HubShare Room:

  1. Navigate to the Content you want to include in the HubShare Room.
  2. Select the Share Option.
  3. Select the  Room Tab.
  4.  A window similar to the following will open:

    Fill in the appropriate information:
    Image:You may add a company’s logo to help create a welcoming branded Room. The image must fit the minimum size requirements of 600px wide x 400px tall
    Title:(Required) Add a title for the HubShare Room.
    Note: This is the only field REQUIRED for HubShare Room generation. 
    Message:Add a short description for the HubShare Room to greet your buying team and welcome them in
    Set Expiry Dates: Set expiration timelines or adjust the default expiry dates.
  5. Select the “Create Room” option at the bottom of the window. 
  6. Once the HubShare Room has been generated, copy the provided link to your clipboard and share it to the appropriate internal and external people using your preferred messaging platform.


Access Form 

Once a HubShare Room is generated, you can send your customer a link to view the content you’ve organized for them. Before they gain access they must fill out the access form below:

Room Viewers will fill out: 

  • Name (Required)  
  • Email (Required) 
  • Title: Title of their position 
  • Company that they are associated with
  • Phone Number: A number at which they can be professionally reached.
    Note: Only the Name and Email field are required, the remaining fields may be provided at the viewer’s discretion. 

For more information visit Navigating HubShare Rooms. 


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