Home Screen Components Logic - How do stories get populated?

The individual home screen components are driven by distinct logic that categorize content into four main sections: Top Stories, Latest Stories, Recommended Stories, and Popular Stories. Each section utilizes unique criteria and algorithms to curate the most relevant content for users. Here’s a detailed look at how each category works:


Top Stories

Top Stories are populated based on the total Content IQ score. This score is calculated according to specific settings found in the Content IQ section of the Gamification settings area. Factors influencing Content IQ typically include user engagement, relevance, and other metrics defined within these settings.


Latest Stories

Latest Stories feature the most recently published content within the channels accessible to the authenticated user. This ensures that users always have access to the newest information and updates pertinent to their interests and permissions.


Recommended Stories

Recommended Stories are generated using a proprietary algorithm developed by Bigtincan. This algorithm considers various factors, potentially including user behavior, preferences, and interaction history, to provide personalized story recommendations tailored to each user's unique needs and interests.


Popular Stories

Popular Stories highlight content that has seen the most significant increase in Content IQ over the past 30 days. While these stories might not have the highest overall Content IQ, they are noteworthy due to their rapid rise in popularity, indicating a growing interest or emerging trends.


Each of these components leverages specific logic and data to ensure that users receive a diverse and relevant mix of stories, enhancing their overall experience with the content platform.

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