Is Brainshark available in languages other than English?

The Brainshark player and many of the platform pages have been localized.

  • HTML5 player: supports 29 language (see attachment for list)
  • Platform pages (the Brainshark user interface): Many pages have already been localized into 12
    languages. See attachment for the currently localized pages and languages. The list will be updated as additional pages are localized.
  • Brainshark Mobile App: Supports 12 languages for the app pages. The embedded player in the mobile app is English only.

What does language support mean?

  • Labels and messages will be displayed based on the user’s browser locale.
  • Customer-created content and email notifications are not translated into other languages. They are
    displayed in the language in which they are created.

*Note: To view a supported page in another language without changing your browser settings, modify the URL by replacing en with one of the language codes.

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