How do I Limit Attempts in a Coaching Activity As a Course?

As a Learning Administrator or Learning Author, you can limit the number of course retries for a Coaching Activity only if Automated Feedback is enabled for that activity. 


To set the limit of retries:

  1. Navigate to the Edit mode of the activity.
  2. Select Automated Feedback toward the top of the page.
  3. Click the toggle to the right of the Automated Feedback line.
  4. Select Metrics.
  5. Select the number of permitted retries from the right side drop down menu (1-10).
  6. Fill out all other required fields for the activity
  7. Press Save and Return to Course to store changes. 



  • This setting can only be edited before submissions have been made
  • If a user has exceeded the number of retries they will need to be re-enrolled into the course for additional access. 


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