Why is my account locked out?

Company Administrators can set the maximum number of log-in attempts before a user's profile becomes locked, which will prevent them from being able to log in. Company Administrators can also choose how long an account is locked out for, or choose to only allow accounts to be unlocked manually.

These settings can be found by navigating to

  1. Navigating to your Administration Menu.
  2. Click on Advanced Options from the left hand Settings Menu.
  3. Click Login & Passwords.
  4. Scroll down to the Account Lockout options (see below):
  5. Ensure to click Save in the upper right hand corner after making desired changes


Users are not expected to receive notifications that their account has become locked. If they further attempt to log-in after the account has locked, they would see 'The username or password you entered was incorrect.' messaging after each attempt. The login screen will not explicitly state 'locked'.

Password reset e-mails will still forward if the user account is locked; however, the user will not be able to proceed with the new password while the account is locked. Only a Company Administrator would have access to unlock user accounts before any lockout duration has been met.

Brainshark Support is unable to unlock user accounts on behalf of a Company Administrator at any time.

*Note: The default account lockout duration is 30 minutes; however administrators may adjust this duration to meet internal requirements. Support is unable to view the account lockout duration, as we are unable to enter accounts without prior express permission. 

Additional Training

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