I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?

If you were added as a user to your company's Brainshark account, you most likely received an email notifying you of your login credentials. If you did not receive the welcome email, or cannot find it, read below for assistance. 

Navigate to your login directory page: 

    1. Whether you are viewing on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, open up your browser
    2. Type in the login directory page for your Brainshark account
      • The login directory for your company is the name that immediately follows "www.brainshark.com/" in any of your presentation links.
      • The link to your login page was sent with your first welcome e-mail. If you do not know your login directory, please contact Brainshark Support through submitting a case

If you have forgotten your username or password:

Use the “Forgot your password?” link, which is located on your login directory page, to reset your password and have your login credentials sent to the e-mail address associated with your Brainshark account.

    • Note: If there is no email address associated with your account, or if you do not have access to the email address associated with your account, you will not be able to use the "Forgot password?" link. 

If you are locked out, unable to reset your password, or need further assistance: Please refer to your Company Administrator.

    • If you do not know your Company Administrator, the Brainshark Support team will be able to reach out to your administrator on your behalf with your permission.


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