How can I add an image to an email template?

A Company Administrator can edit all email templates and add an image to the HTML format of those emails. In addition, Learning email templates such as registration to a course/curriculum and reminders to a course/curriculum emails can be modified by a Learning Administrator. 


To add the image to the email template:

  1. Navigate to Administration.
  2. To edit email templates:
      • To edit Company emails: From the Company dropdown, select Manage Templates, then select Email Templates:
      • To edit Learning emails: From the Learning dropdown, click Manage Templates; please see the screenshot below:
  3. Scroll to the email template you would like to add the image to.
  4. Click HTML (Optional) and then click the image icon from the formatting header; please see the screenshot below:
  5. Paste the Image URL in the field and click Insert.
  6. The image should be visible in the email preview window. 
  7. Click Save to store changes moving forward.


  • The image can only be added to the email template when using the image URL.
  • Company email templates include: Company-wide header and footer, New User email and Sharing email.
  • Learning email templates include: Course registration email; Non registered user course invitation; Course reminder email; Course certificate; Curriculum registration email; Curriculum reminder Email/Curriculum certificate; Challenge course reminder email; Course with sessions registration email; Course session registration email; Course with sessions reminder email.

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