Can I archive content on the Administration Manage Content page?

At this time presentations or courses cannot be manually archived under the Administration Manage Content page. This would need to be modified by the assigned author directly on the top left Content tab for presentations, or the My Courses & Curriculums page for Learning content. .

Company Administrators or Folder Administrators may have access to manually archive presentations on the Home tab as long as security settings have not hidden the content from the Home tab view. 



  • If a presentation has settings enabled that hide the content from the Home tab, Company Administrators (who are not the assigned author) will not have direct access to manually archive the content. Some examples of these settings include inactivating the presentation, enabling Hide Content from search, or storing the presentation in the wraps section.
  • As a workaround for hidden presentations, the Administrator can temporarily change the presentation author to their own profile in order to process the setting adjustments. 

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