How do I access my completion certificates in Learning?

After you meet the completion requirements for a course or curriculum in Brainshark, you may want to access your completion certificate afterward. To access a completion certificate to a Learning course or curriculum, you can access the certificate when viewing the Achievements section in the Learning tab, or viewing the completed course/curriculum in the My Enrollments area in the Learning tab. 

To download your completion certificate when viewing the Achievements section:

  1. Click into the Learning tab (Any area in this tab)
  2. On the top right-hand side, click Achievements
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  1. Click the Title or + icon, the certificate will ready itself for Download
  2. Click the Title or now Download icon again and your certificate will begin to download
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To download your certificate from the course/curriculum:

  1. Click on the Learning tab.
  2. Select My Enrollments.
  3. Search for the Course/ Curriculum.
  4. If it has a certificate tied to it, there will be a 3 dot icon, click on this and then click Certificate.
  5. It will ready the download, then click "Certificate" again.
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Note: These options may not appear for all courses and curriculums as this is a setting enabled by the Learning Author who created the content. If you are unable to access your certificate after following these steps, please reach out to the content's author or your Learning Administrator to assist further.


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