SFDC Sync: Minimum Requirements for Sync User in SFDC for Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce


  Below permissions are used for the Oauth2 connection  

  • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
  • Access unique user identifiers (openid)
  • Manage user data via APIs (api)

For more information, visit Enable OAuth Settings for API Integration 


The user level permissions needed to handle the syncing

Administrative Permissions

  • API Enabled - Allows the user to use applications (Required)
  • The OAuth method for authentication now requires that "API Only User" setting  is not selected for the sync user

General User Permissions

  • Edit Tasks - Allows the user to create, edit, and delete tasks (Required)

 User must have access to ALL Brainshark Apex classes 

Standard Object Permissions required for data sync from Brainshark

  • Accounts - Read enabled
  • Cases - Read enabled
  • Contacts - Read enabled
  • Leads - Read enabled
  • Opportunities - Read enabled

Please enable Read Permissions on any other objects you would like to include Brainshark Content on.

Custom Object Permissions

  • Enable all permissions for all of the Brainshark custom objects.
  • All Brainshark_Learning__c custom fields should be readable and editable by the sync user.
  • Enable Read permissions for any of the other custom objects you would like to include Brainshark content on.


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