How do I add a Gong call to Brainshark content?

Brainshark’s integration with Gong lets you take examples of Gong sales conversations and embed them directly within a Brainshark course, or attach it as part of a Coaching activity.  

To attach a Gong call to a new Coaching activity:

  1. Gather the desired Gong call URL link (article below)
  2. Log into the Brainshark account and select the My Content tab
  3. Select the Create button from the top right 
  4. Select HTML5 (or web content) from the side bar options
  5. Pate the Gong call URL link into the web address field
  6. Press Link to web-content to proceed
  7. Review desired settings, title, description, etc.
  8. Press Next and Save to store changes

To attach a Gong call Brainshark presentation to an existing Coaching activity:

  1. Gather the desired Gong call URL link (article below)
  2. log into the Brainshark account and select the Coaching tab
  3. Locate the activity, and select the three dots (ellipses) under the Actions column
  4. Select Edit Activity from the drop-down menu
  5. Select Add Brainshark Content; under the instructions box 
  6. Search for the content you wish to add and click the title link to select this. This will return you to the activity edit mode.
  7. Scroll down to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page to store changes 

To add a Gong call as a URL slide:

  1. Locate the desired presentation or course in the account
  2. Enter the Edit Mode by selecting the three dots (ellipses)
  3. Select Add Slides under the left side things you can do menu
  4. Select Add URL Slide
  5. Paste the Gong call URL link into the Web URL bar
  6. Press Save 
  7. The slide will be added to the end of the presentation automatically. On the next page you can reposition the order, and press Save to store changes. 


  • To allow participants to view the content, it should be active and stored in a folder that the viewers have permission to. 
  • Coaching participants will access the Activity from their Coaching dashboard. The Gong call presentation content is accessible from the instructions section. 

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