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How do I integrate Scorecards with Gong?

Company Administrators can Integrate Gong with Brainshark Readiness Scorecards (Scorecards) to provide extensive visibility into whether reps are ready to sell.  By adding Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), your organization will be able to see whether reps are succeeding, and if not, where they need help in the sales process.

To integrate with Gong:

  1. Click on the Scorecards tab.
  2. Click the gear in the top right and select Integrations.
  3. Click Add Integration and from the menu select Gong.
  4. When prompted, sign into Gong (You must log in as a Gong Administrator).
  5. Once the connection is made, you will see a green check mark next to Authenticated.

Gong Metrics:

The following Gong data are generated as metrics in Scorecards:





Call Duration

Calls Attended

Talk Ratio

Call Volume

Calls Comments Given

Longest Monologue

Average Call Duration

Call Comments Receives

Longest Customer Story

Call Topics

Calls Gave Feedback


Call Tracker

Called Marked as Feedback Given



Calls that Received Feedback

Question Rate


Calls that Requested Feedback



Calls with Scorecards Filled



Calls with Scorecards Received



Calls Shared Externally



Calls Shared internally



    • Brainshark only reads data from Gong. It does not modify data.
    • Brainshark will automatically match users from Gong to users in Brainshark, based on the Gong User ID (if you are using user sync), email address, and then full name.  You may need to map users from Gong to BNSK if none of those items match for a given user.  This is done from within Scorecards.
    • To connect Scorecards to Gong you need to be a Brainshark Company Administrator. You also either need to either be a Technical Administrator or make the connection with your Technical Administrator.
    • Brainshark will automatically match users from either SFDC or Gong to users from Brainshark with user sync. You may need to map users if certain items do not match for a given user. This is done from within BNSK.

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