How do I advance past the "You have reached the maximum number of retries" message for a Coaching Activity?

Coaching Activities with Machine Analysis enabled allow the creator to define the number of attempts allowed for submissions. When a participant reaches this limit, the message "You have reached the maximum number of retries" shows in the submission window.

If you are a participant receiving this message:

  • You will need the assistance of the Coaching Administrator to re-invite you into the activity

If you are the content creator:

  • For a Standalone Coaching Activity
    1. Navigate to Coaching
    2. Edit the Activity
    3. Under Participants, remove the user
    4. Click Sent in the bottom right
    5. Navigate back and add back that user
    6. Click Send in the bottom right

  • For a Course as a Coaching Activity
    1. Navigate to Learning
    2. Edit the Course and navigate to Enrolled Students
    3. Under student enrollments, mark the student you wish to have re-attempt the activity
    4. Click Remove Student(s)
    5. Confirm the message and the removal of the enrollment
    6. Add the student back by clicking Enroll Student(s)


  • For Learning content, If the student enrollment status is Complete, you must enroll the student again to reset their enrollment status to "Enrolled" before it can be deleted. 
  • If the student is being enrolled via a Group or Curriculum automatically, they must first be either removed from the group or curriculum for it to allow the enrollment to be removed before automatically re-enrolling.

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