What is the difference between the Enrollment expiration and Due dates in the course/ curriculum Information Tab?


Under the Course/ Curriculum Information Tab, you can add two different settings to your course or curriculum:  the Enrollment Expiration and Due Date. These settings differ as follows:

  • Enrollment Expiration - This will expire the course, and the student/ learner will not be able to access the course. This function allows you to expire based on how long someone has been enrolled, meaning you specific a time frame in which the learner can access the course from their point of enrollment.
      • For example, you can set that it expires 1 month from the point of enrollment. This is helpful if learners are being enrolled in the course on different days, but you want them all to have the same amount of time to view the course. 
  • Due Date - This is the date when you would like users to complete the course. If the user would not complete the course by this due date, they still will be able to access the course after the date passed. When courses/curriculums have the due dates set, they will show in the student's Progress Tracker in Learning.

    An example of the Expiration date and Due date view in Enrollments for users:

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