What is the difference between “Replace PowerPoint Slides” and “Merge Content”?

When you need to modify or update the content in your presentations, there are 2 main options:

1. Replace PowerPoint slides:

When you just need to replace your current slide images with new or updated slide images, you will want to use the Replace PowerPoint Slides feature from the Things You Can Do menu. This feature will allow you to replace the slide image but maintain any audio recordings or animation timings set for the slide.

In order to replace your PowerPoint slides with new PowerPoint slide files:

  1. Edit your presentation.
  2. Choose “Replace PowerPoint Slides” from the Things You Can Do menu.
  3. Save the new slides that will be replacing slides in the presentation as their own separate PowerPoint files.  This is important, as the amount of slides in the replacement file will replace that many slides in the presentation. Note: if replacing the entire deck with a new deck, this step is not necessary.
  4. Browse for the replacement file.
  5. Choose “Replace starting at” and designate the slide number that corresponds to the slide that needs to be replaced. If you are replacing the entire deck, choose “Replace starting at slide 1”. Again, it is important that the number of slides in the replacement file adequately reflects the number of slides to be replaced. Therefore, for example, if you have 3 slides in your replacement deck and you choose to replace starting at slide 7, then slides 7, 8, and 9 will all be replaced.
  6. If you simply need to add slides to your slide deck, choose “append to existing slides.” This will cause any slides in the new file to show up at the end of your existing slides.
  7. Hit Submit. Once the files have finished processing, you will be automatically directed to the Record Audio page. If audio has already been recorded to the presentation, select the option to “Skip generating audio” in order to be taken back to the Manage Slides page. Otherwise, proceed with recording audio to your new slides.

2. Merge Content:

If you will be replacing or copying slide images, audio files, or attachments from one existing Brainshark presentation to another existing Brainshark presentation, Merge Content is the best option to choose. In order to Merge Content:

  1. Edit the presentation that will be receiving the new assets (the destination presentation).
  2. Choose Merge Content from the Things You Can Do Menu.
  3. When the screen opens, you will notice that the Source presentation and the Destination presentation are both the same. If you are not merging assets within a presentation, make sure to Search for the Source presentation, which will be the source of the slides, audio, or attachments to be transferred to the Destination presentation.
  4. If you wish to copy an entire slide as it exists in the Source, including the audio, animation timings, slide image, and any attachments, choose the slide to be copied and choose “Copy”. It will automatically be added to the Destination presentation.
  5. If you wish to replace a slide image, audio file, or attachment in the Destination presentation with one from the Source presentation, choose the slide in the Source with the desired assets, then select which slide in the Destination should receive these assets, and finally choose which asset will be replaced. Please note that if an asset of this kind already exists in the Destination presentation, it will be completely removed and replaced with the asset from the Source slide.
  6. Save your work. You will be automatically redirected to Manage Slides.

*Note: Brainshark strongly suggests making a copy of the original presentation before using the merge or replace features.

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