What are Learning Badges?

Company Administrators can enable Learning Badges for their company site. Brainshark awards and displays Learning Badges for completed Learning courses. Each badge represents the completion of a specified number of courses. These Badges populate as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The Badge ranges are also predefined.




Brainshark will display the badges in the header next to the user's profile name.




The Brainshark systems will also occasionally e-mail the users in regard to their Badge progress. 


To enable Learning Badges for your company site, please navigate to:

  1. Select Administration from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Learning Settings from the purple Learning card.
  3. Click the setting Enable Learning Badges.
  4. Select Apply to store changes moving forward.



  • If enabled, the badges would apply to all users in the account. At this time this cannot be turned off for individual users. 
  • The Badge e-mails will go out to the users occasionally if this setting is enabled. The only way to halt these e-mails would be to turn off this setting for the site as a whole. 


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