Can I enroll multiple students that are not in a group at once?

You may wish to enroll multiple students in a course or curriculum at once, but not through a group enrollment. You can accomplish this via the "Enroll Students" section of a Course or Curriculum's edit page.


To Enroll Multiple Students -

  1. Navigate to the course or curriculum's Enrolled Students section.
  2. Click the Enroll Student(s) option to open the Enroll Students window.
  3.  Click the Find option in the "Users to Enroll" section
  4. Click the checkboxes to the left of the users names to select the users to be enrolled in the course. You can select multiple users from the Find A User window.
  5. Click Enroll Selected to add the selected users to the Enroll Students window
  6. Click Submit from the Enroll Students window to enroll the students in the contet

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