Can you report on who opened an attachment?

If you are the content author of a presentation or a course, a Folder Administrator for where the content resides, or a Company Administrator, you will be able to run a Viewer Clickpath Details report in order to see what attachments were opened by a user.

A Viewer Clickpath Details report will allow authors and administrators the ability to see the specific Clickpath a user took, and how long they spent viewing each slide in the content. This report will also allow you to view if a user clicked on an attachment.

To run a Viewer Clickpath Details report:

  1. Click the Brainshark Reporting tab.
  2. Select the Viewer Clickpath Details from the Content reports.
  3. Select either the content folder or the specific presentations you'd like to gather the information on via the Report Basics tab, then click Run to run the report.
  4. When looking under the ClickStreamActivity column the report will indicate a viewer launched an attachment with the text "Launch" and then the name of the attachment they clicked. If the attachment was a web URL, the URL will be displayed in the column.

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