Why is my curriculum listed as Incomplete but all the courses are marked as Complete?

If a Curriculum's status is listed as incomplete in a student's Learning Locker but all the courses are marked as complete in the curriculum, an inactive course could be within the course list for a curriculum. An inactive course in a curriculum will mean a user can not be marked as complete in the curriculum until the inactive course is removed, even if all the other active courses have been completed.


To remove the inactive course as Company or Learning Administrator:

1. Go to the Brainshark Learning tab.
2. Click My Courses and Curriculums.
3. Locate the curriculum you would like to edit, then click the Actions button and select Edit Curriculum.

4. Click the Courses tab and locate the course that is inactive. Note: You may need to go back and reference the My Courses and Curriculums menu in order to identify which course in the curriculum is inactive. -

5. Click the title of the course and select the Remove From Curriculum option to remove the inactive course from the curriculum.
6. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

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