Can I generate audio in a language other than English?

In Brainshark, you can create computer-generated audio from slide notes written in multiple languages other than English. This will ensure your audio has the proper dialect when played back to better align with your written slide notes and your intended audience.

To automatically generate audio (using a text-to-speech generator):

  1. Select the presentation you wish to add audio to
  2. Edit presentation
  3. Select Manage Audio > Generate Audio from the 'Things you can do' panel on the left-hand side
  4. Select the voice you would like to use that corresponds to the language of your written slide notes. 
    • To preview the voice that will be used, click Listen to sample the short preview. 
  5. Once you have selected the voice, click the Generate Audio button to automatically generate audio from your slide notes


  • This functionality will not automatically translate your written text to the language you select. The language you select determines the dialect in which the audio generator reads back your text, and will play back exactly how it is written in your slide notes.
  • Any changes made to any of your presentation's slide notes will require the steps above to be repeated so the audio can be re-generated.
  • Slides that already have audio or that do not have slide notes will not be available for Generate Audio.


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