My name is spelled wrong on my completion certificate. Can Bigtincan Support correct this?

If any information shown on your completion certificate is spelled incorrectly, Bigtincan Support will not be able to provide you with a new certificate with this corrected information. The content will need to be retaken and completed in a separate web browser with the correct info entered into the guestbook of the presentation. Your previous completion can still be verified through a Brainshark viewing report which can be run by the author of the presentation or by a Company Administrator within your company.

We recommend reaching out to whomever assigned you your course content through Brainshark to bring this to their attention and advise on secondary solutions. Alternatively, Support can also reach out to a Company Administrator associated with your organization on your behalf who may be able to verify your completion through a viewing report and ask that they contact you with next steps to take.


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