Can I notify students when I want them to enroll in a course session?

Currently, there is not a way to send out a manual notification to notify students enrolled in a course with multiple sessions that they will need to select a specific session. There are two tools, however, you can use to clarify the course selection process and to help determine who these students are.

How to clarify the course selection process

To help clarify the enrollment process for students, you can update the Course with Session Registration email that is sent when a student enrolls in a course. You can use this email to notify them to register for a specific session. To edit this e-mail template, please see the following article:

How to Edit Course with Session Registration Emails.

How to determine which students are not enrolled in a specific course session

To determine which students are not enrolled in a specific course session, you will be able to run a report to identify these students. To run this report: 

  1. Navigate to the Reporting tab 
  2. Select the Course Enrollment Report 
  3. Click Find and select your course with sessions 
  4. For Output format, select Comma delimited (*.csv)
  5. Click Run report 
  6. In the report, go to columns AW – AZ at the far right of the document. If all of these columns are blank, this means that the student is not enrolled in a session. 

*Note: You can filter the data for columns AW – AZ to identify any blank columns and to recover the emails of these students if you would like to communicate with them externally. 



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