When do View Receipts get sent if enabled? 

If view receipts are enabled for a presentation, there are three settings that control when a view receipt will be sent: 

  • After Viewing Ends 
  • Before Viewing Ends 
  • Both Before and After Viewing 

If the Presentation is configured to After Viewing Ends, the view receipt will arrive 10-15 minutes after the presentation window is closed OR after the session times out (This takes 1 hour of inactivity).

If the Presentation is configured to Before Viewing Ends the receipt will begin sending immediately upon the presentation being opened and can take 10-15 minutes to arrive in your inbox. 

If the Presentation is configured to Both Before and After Viewing two emails will be sent, one as soon as the presentation is opened, and the other once it has closed. 


*Note: View Receipts are controlled and sent via a Browser’s cookies – so if cookies are not enabled in the user’s browser a receipt will not be sent. 



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