What are common terms used with Brainshark?


Sharkive A Sharkive is your Brainshark Site. Sharkive is not a real word, but it’s one we’ve coined to refer to a Brainshark Site. It is a combination of the words Brainshark and Archive. Each company has its own sharkive, where they create, edit, and share content.

An author is someone who creates Brainshark content. They can log in to your site, upload PowerPoints and other types of content, add their voice, and other features to their content to then share with their audience.


A viewer is someone who watches a Brainshark— when someone shares a link to a presentation and that person clicks the link to view it, they are the viewer.


A user is simply someone who has a login to your Brainshark site. They will not necessarily be able to create anything, but by logging in, they will have access to certain content based on the permissions assigned to their user account. 

Company Administrator 

A Company Administrator is someone who manages content creation and site access. They will create user accounts and determine what level of access they have to your site (User, author, and administrator).

If you are looking to gain access to your company's Brainshark site or update your current permissions this is the person who can handle your requests. If you do not know who your company administrator is, please feel free to reach out to Support.


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