Why does the "Favorite" star icon only appear for some content in Chatter?

When a Brainshark presentation is shared through Chatter, you may notice that for a given presentation the "Favorite" star icon appears for some users but not for others. 

Brainshark viewing permissions drives this behavior and determines which users are able to favorite which pieces of content. 

You will see the "Favorite" icon if:

  • You have login credentials to the Brainshark account
  • AND viewing permissions in the Brainshark folder where that presentation resides

You will not see the "Favorite" icon if:

  • You do not have login credentials to the Brainshark account (you need login credentials to favorite a piece of content, even if it is a public presentation)
  • OR you have login credentials but the presentation resides in a folder where you do not have viewing permissions. 


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