What is the difference between a Company Administrator and a Site Administrator?


Within a Brainshark site, the Company Administrator(s) will oversee the setup of the site and maintain the aspects of the site that relate to how all users interact with it and its content. This person is a resource for internal users and will be responsible for the following:

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Granting privileges and permissions to users
  • Adding and deleting user groups
  • Establishing settings for user groups
  • Adding and deleting folders
  • Setting permissions for folders
  • Running reports
  • Accessing and editing all global settings under Manage Company in Administration

Company Administrators can also perform certain functions in Brainshark Learning, including:

  • Enrolling students
  • Editing courses
  • Sending reminders
  • Managing folders, users, groups and content

The Site Administration team within Brainshark, which can be reached at support@bigtincan.com will be responsible for creating the Brainshark site. Brainshark’s Site Administration team will also edit the site settings that cannot be edited by a company administrator from inside of the Brainshark site. For example,

  • Adding/removing functionality on the site
  • Enabling enhanced settings (allowing folder admins to edit/delete content, enabling the advanced group manager functionality)
  • Changing the information on the Administration > Company Information page. Company name, URL, main contact, or address
  • Uploading custom certificates to the site
  • Enabling SSO and adding/removing SSO features
  • Enabling a Dynamics integration
  • Enabling a Highspot integration

All of the above must be approved by the company administrator but will be enabled/changed by the Site Administration team. 

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