What is the difference between public and private presentations?

Brainshark offers a variety of security options for presentations. One way content can be secured is by the use of Brainshark usernames and passwords.

  • When a presentation has a login required, a Company Administrator must issue a Brainshark account to everyone who is trying to view the presentation
  • If a presentation is public or does not require a login, anyone who receives a link to the presentation may access it (unless there are other security levels in place)
    *Note: This option is useful if you want viewers outside of your organization that do not have Brainshark accounts to be able to view your presentation. Please see the resources below for more information on securing your content further.

To make a presentation public or private:

  1. Edit your presentation
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Find the Require User ID and password to view presentation setting
  4. Check or uncheck this option based on the security you would like for your presentation
  5. Press Save
If you are trying to view a presentation that requires login information, you must contact a Company Administrator for a Brainshark account. For security purposes, Brainshark does not have access to company user information.

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