Why am I unable to view or hear Brainshark presentations?

Issue: You cannot hear the presentation:
First, check in the "Contents" area to the left of the slide in the presentation to see if there is a number displayed to the right of the slide title.  This number is the length of the audio on the slide:

  • If there is no number, :10, or :05, there may be no audio on that slide.
  • If there is a number displayed and you cannot hear audio on that slide, please try the following:
    • Check that your computer has speakers that are properly installed and have power; 
    • Be sure the volume is turned up on your computer, the speakers, and the Brainshark Player; 
    • Be sure the volume is not muted on your computer, speakers, headphones or in the Brainshark player (be sure to check for any physical mute buttons on your devices as well);
    • Try accessing another web site such as CNN.com or www.youtube.com that has video clips with sound to see if you can hear those clips. 
    • Click on the below link to see if the presentation will play with sound. http://www.brainshark.com/brainsharkinc/vu?pi=zHPzdGnOtzKxcz0 If it does, then try to play the original presentation with which you were having trouble.

If you are getting a blue (or gray) screen and the presentation does not start:
*Note: If you know you have a slower internet connection please allow extra time for loading.

If there is no change and you do not see the preloader page, you may have a configuration issue that is preventing the presentation from loading properly:

  • The blue or gray screen could be indicating that some of the scripts required for viewing are not able to be downloaded. 
  • Firewalls or pop-up blockers (personal or corporate) sometimes block viewer scripts as part of their network security.

Please click on the link http://www.brainshark.com/brainsharkinc/vu?pi=zHPzdGnOtzKxcz0.  If you can view this presentation, then try the original presentation.

If you are using a browser that has an integrated pop-up blocker, you should follow the instructions provided when prompted to access the pop-up blocker settings screen.

Still having trouble?
Other software that might also prevent you from getting scripts (or running them locally) is Banner Ad blocking or "Pop-Up Blocker" software.  For example, the Google and Yahoo toolbars have a pop-up blocker component included with the download.  If you have any of these installed on your computer:

  • Either turn them off or configure them to allow our site
  • Then restart your browser, and try viewing the presentation again.

As a final step if you are still encountering issues, please load our System Check. Make sure that all System Check categories receive green checkmarks (please disregard any categories referring to Adobe Flash, as Flash is no longer required to view Brainshark presentations).



  • Click here to view the minimum system requirements
  • If you continue to experience difficulty or cannot determine the cause of the viewing issues, please complete the Feedback section of the System Check page and send us the results -- Brainshark Support will contact you as quickly as possible.


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