How can Brainshark be Integrated in Highspot?

If you are interested in integrating Brainshark into your Highspot environment please contact your CSM.


There is 5 ways to integrate Brainshark into Highspot:

1) The ability to access the Brainshark interface in Highspot:

Through the integration we can add an additional "tab" on the left hand side of the environment that allows users to access Brainshark's interface and content without leaving the Highspot platform. This can be turned on for all users in Highspot or a subset of users (by group).

2) In-line content:
Through the "add files" picker you can select courses from Brainshark that will be added into Highspot as individual assets. These will be inline Brainshark courses that are interactive without leaving the Highspot interface. You can run analytics on these assets to see which of your users are looking at them as well.

3) Set courses as related items:
Once you have added Brainsharks in as items from the picker you can set these assets as related items on any piece of content in the system.

4) Feature courses on SmartPages:
Brainsharks that have been added as assets can be featured on any SmartPage set as a Homepage, overview page, or individual asset

5) Access all from within SFDC:
Brainsharks that have been added as items can be targeted like any asset to specific scenarios on any object within SFDC. You can also access all Highspot content, including Brainsharks from the Highspot Tab in SFDC.


With the Learning tab integration, there's a Highspot page with an iframe that loads the Brainshark Learning tab. There is no Highspot or Brainshark data being exchanged between the services other than what is needed for authentication.

With the file picker integration, Highspot is connecting to Brainshark and retrieving all of the metadata about the content that a user chooses to publish to a Spot. Highspot then uses that metadata to create thumbnails in Highspot for the user to interact with.

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