Using SFTP Data Export with Scorecards Snapshots


Previously, Scorecards snapshots could only send data as CSV files on a scheduled basis, without the ability to export the data to a specific secure location at a specific date and time. The new feature now allows for this capability by utilizing a standard SFTP protocol embedded within Scorecards Snapshots.


First, we will explain how the solution works, and then we will provide instructions on how to request it for your organization.

To utilize the SFTP data export feature, you must use Snapshots. To do so, the user can choose to export a single panel or the entire layout.

1. Export data via a single panel using the SFTP protocol

  • Click on the top right corner, three dots for the panel, and select Create Snapshot...

  2. Fill page 1 of 4 from the snapshot workflow. Add the appropriate name for the snapshot.


3. Select Duration and Other Properties related to the date/time of execution.

 4. Recipients

  •  There is no need to select recipients if you are planning to use just the SFTP data export

5. Select SFTP + CSV as an option to export. Make sure you select the csv and the SFTP option. 


 6. Preview and click Create.

That is it. You are all set. Make sure all data is properly added the way you want. Then click Create.  


Where is my SFTP data?

When the conditions are triggered, the data will be placed in a specific directory that is exclusively accessible to your organization. You can then access it using the SFTP client.


2. Export data via a layout page using the SFTP protocol

All the points for the layout export are the same as the ones for a single-panel export with one difference: A zip file could also be included within the SFTP Transfer


3. How to request and set up of SFTP Snapshot option. 

You can request this option through or your Customer Success Representative. Once everything is set up, you will receive a directory location with credentials for access via the SFTP protocol. Enjoy using the feature!

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