Brainshark could not load configuration information from Salesforce Error

Salesforce Security Setting Breaks CRM Connector

A specific Salesforce security setting will break the Brainshark managed package and you will see the error

"Brainshark could not load configuration information from Salesforce. - Could not load user information from Salesforce. Please try again later"

appear in the Brainshark Setup tab when installing the Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce.

To fix this error, check the following: 

  1. In Setup > Quickfind search for "Session Settings"
  2. Click into "Session Settings" under Security Controls
  3. Is "Require HttpOnly attribute" checked off?
  4. If so, uncheck "Require HttpOnly attribute"
  5. Save

If you go back to the Brainshark Setup tab and refresh, you will no longer see this error. 

Per Salesforce, "if you have a custom or packaged application that uses JavaScript to access session ID cookies, selecting Require HttpOnly attribute breaks your application. It denies the application access to the cookie."

Link to the Salesforce website with this information:

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