How do I clone a panel in Scorecards?

If you are a user who has been granted access to Scorecards by your company administrator, you can clone a panel in Scorecards.

When you clone a Scorecards panel, the Scorecards application takes an existing panel, makes a copy and adds the word “Clone” to the title.  The word “Clone” can be removed using the Rename Panel feature under the Panel Options menu.

Use case example: clone a panel when you want to display the same information but for a different date range.


How to clone a panel in Scorecards:

  • In a Scorecards panel, click the Panel Options menu (3 vertical dots).
  • Select Clone Panel.
  • A clone panel will display after the original Scorecard panel.

How to rename the clone panel:

  • Click the Panel Options menu (3 vertical dots).
  • Select Rename panel…
  • Edit the name in the Name field.
  • Click the Apply button.
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