How do I change the date range or time period of a panel in Scorecards?

If you are a user who has been granted access to Scorecards by your company administrator, you will be able to change the date range of a panel to a specific period of time that you would like to see data from.

To change the date range on a panel to show data from a specific time period:

  • In Scorecards, select the calendar icon in the upper righthand corner of the panel
  • Select Date range type from the dropdown for the time period you would like to see data from: 
    • Rolling - For a rolling period of time (Ex: Year to date)
    • Custom Rolling - A customized rolling period of time (Ex: previous 2 weeks)
    • Static - A period of time marked by a start and end date
    • All Time
  • Enter the date range of your choosing and select Apply 
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