How can I see Active, Archived or Inactive Presentation data in Scorecards?

To view Presentation data, Authors and Company Administrators will have access to the Presentations Scorecard layout panels.

How to view the Presentations Layout in Scorecards:

  • In Scorecards, click the Activities tab.
  • Select Presentations.

  • Users will see a list of all Active Presentations.
    • Company Administrators will see all Presentations for their organization.
    • Users will see only the Presentations they have authored.
  • By default, Inactive and Archived Presentations will be hidden from users.
  • To show Inactive and Archived Presentation, click on the Filter icon located on the upper-right corner to display the Show Archived and Show Inactive options.

  • Click on the Presentation title or View Scorecard icon to view the Presentations Layout Scorecard.
  • The Presentations Layout will display the Presentations panel, Views Over Time panel and Presentation Views panel.

Note: The Presentations option in the Activities tab is available to Company Administrators and users who have authored at least one Presentation, otherwise they will not see the Presentations option.

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