Why am I unable to locate a folder to move content to it?

As a Company Administrator, you may be looking to move content from one folder to another, or you may be looking to upload content to a specific folder but cannot locate it.

The ability to see a folder under the Folder field in the Edit menu for a presentation or course is dependent on the Authoring permissions to the specific content folder. Administrator permissions to content folders do not grant the privilege of being able to create or place content within the folder, this is determined by Authoring permissions.

To check your user account's folder permission settings:

1. Navigate to the Administration menu.

2. Click on the Manage Users option from the Users Drop down menu.

3. Locate the user you would like to check the permissions for (if you are attempting to locate the folder under your own account, locate your account within the spreadsheet).

4. Click the elipses in the right-most column and choose Folder Permissions.

5. Locate the content folder that you would like the user to have access to, then click the pencil (Edit) icon in the far right and make your changes.

6. Click Save to save your changes. 

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