Utilizing Due Dates with Learning Content

To apply a due date to a learning enrollment (course or curriculum) there are two ways to accomplish this.

The first is to set a Due Date on the information tab when editing either a course or curriculum. The due date can be set to be a number of days, weeks or months from the date of enrollment in the content.

For example, if a course sets the Due Date to be 7 days from the date of enrollment, then a student enrolled in the course on April 7th, will have a Due Date for the course of April 14th.



The second way to set a Due Date for an enrollment is from the Enroll Students pop-up window. When a group or student is being enrolled, the Enroll Students window will pop-up to allow you to select enrollees or specify how you wish your group to be enrolled.

The second option on the window is Due Date. If there is already a due date defined for the course or curriculum, that date will already be specified here. If there is no due date then it will be blank. In either case, a new Due Date can be specified at the time of enrollment by selecting a date here from the date picker.

If a specific date is desired, it can be selected here. Instead of choosing a more generalized 7 days from enrollment, a specific date such as May 12th, 2021 may be specified.


Note: Due dates do not get applied for self enrollments.


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