How to Automate the Bulk User Upload Process

A Company Administrator is able to automate the Bulk User Upload process. This is possible by having a file be delivered daily to our FTP server.

To automate the Bulk User Upload process, you will need to: 

  • Submit a request to with the required information below:
    1. Grant permission to Brainshark to create a generic Company Administrator account for upload purposes
    2. A Company Administrator will need to grant Support permission to enter/'impersonate' the account for that ticket.
    3. Specify which email address you would like to receive logs from the processing of the file (we only support sending the notification to a single email address)
    4. Specify whether you want the Group Memberships replaced with those in the file or should we append the groups.
    5. Complete the Bulk User Upload spreadsheet in the standard bulk user upload format
      1. Please see Guide to Preparing a Bulk User Upload
    6. With these items the ticket will then be escalated to our Tier II Technical Support Engineers whom will further assist with the setup.

Note: The file will need to be delivered to our FTP Server. Brainshark can process any number of users but will break requests into batches of 10,000 users for processing. If a request exceeds 50,000 users, Brainshark may require the upload to be processed outside of peak usage hours. 

Note: Setup time is approximately one(1) business day from the time all required information has been collected.

Note: Unless specified we will ignore the password field when updating a user.


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