How do I transfer presentations from one Brainshark site to another?

If you have content that you need to move from one Brainshark company site to another, a Cross Company Copy (CCC) form can copy entire presentations from one Brainshark site to another. This form would need to be processed by Bigtincan Support directly, and email requested by an active Company Administrator. After the Cross Company Copy is complete, all audio, slides, and animation timings (if applicable), attachments, and settings will be included in the copied presentation.


To request a Cross Company Copy as a Company Administrator:

  1. Complete the Cross Company Copy form
    • Note: All columns are required besides the Presentation Title and the Reason for Copying (Columns B and I) 
  2. Submit your request with your Cross Company Copy Form attached to
  3. A Company Administrator from both the source and destination company portals will be required to provide e-mail approval in order for Support to process the form
    • Note: This permission must come directly from the e-mail address that is currently associated with the Company Administrator account within Brainshark

You cannot CCC the following:

  • Presentations that have enabled a Password in Security settings
    • If copied the author will be unable to edit the newly-created content
  • Any courses in Learning to create another course
    • You can CCC a Brainshark-type course in Learning by providing the presentation ID (PID) for that course, which will create a presentation in the destination company that the admin would then need to convert into a course
    • Non-Brainshark type courses (Course Sessions, URL Links, checklists, etc.) also cannot be CCC'd
  • Curriculums in Learning
  • Coaching activities (standalone or as courses in Learning)
  • HTML5 presentations
  • SCORM courses
    • Note: Attempts to copy SCORM content to a destination company may successfully appear as presentations, but will not play as SCORM packages are not supported for presentation use


  • The Cross Company Copy process will not alter the source presentation. The copied version will have a unique content ID number and corresponding URL link.
  • Cross Company Copies will not carry over prior reporting data from the source presentation, or correlated URL links. 
  • Learning Courses when copied over will be copied as presentations. They will need to be manually made into courses if necessary.

If you need additional assistance, please Contact Support.

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