What is an ‘Enhanced Folder Administrator’?

An Enhanced Folder Administrator is a user who has the same abilities as a Folder Administrator plus the additional ability to edit content in folders that they have Folder Administrator permissions to. This is a site-wide setting that can only be requested by a Company Administrator.

To enable the Enhanced Folder Administrator functionality:

  • A Company Administrator needs to contact support@Bigtincan.com and request that this feature be enabled.

 An Enhanced Folder Administrator's abilities include: 

  • All abilities associated with a Folder Administrator.
  • They can change a presentation's author.
  • They can edit and delete content (Please see the notes below for more information).


  • There is no additional cost associated with enabling this feature.
  • This is a site-wide setting and cannot be enabled for individual folders.
  • Enhanced Folder Administrators can only delete, archive, and edit content in folders they have Folder Administrator permissions to.
  • Enabling this setting allows all existing Folder Administrators to make changes to the content or delete content which may be permanent.


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