How to Process a Bulk Upload Through the Batch Upload Utility

Please note: If you are looking for instructions on how to send a Batch/Bulk upload request to support, please reference this Help and Training document: Guide to Preparing a Bulk User Upload

**new** the latest version changes**


The change in the transport security was from earlier versions of TLS like 1.0 to now using TLS 1.2+

The new version does not work with Windows 7


**ALL URLs in the config file MUST be HTTPS://


A Company Administrator is able to process a Bulk Upload through the Batch Upload Utility. To use the Bulk Upload Utility to create new or edit existing user profiles on your Brainshark site:

  1. Download the Batch Upload Utility attached to this solution named
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file into a directory on your computer.
  3. Read the document in the Zip file named Batch User Upload Utility_2020_Read_Me.docx .
  4. Configure the upload utility according to the instructions in step 3 (starts on page 8 of the document).
  5. Enter your user data into the spreadsheet attached to this article named Batch User Upload Spreadsheet Sample.csv. **Be sure to fill out the required fields for all rows (columns A-F and J; Columns M,N,O,AA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AF,AG,AH,AI,AJ, BJ,BK,BL,BM,BO,BP,BQ).
  6. With the utility and the desired CSV file in the same directory on your local machine, run the utility per the instructions in the document in step 3 (starts on page 10).
  7. When the upload job has finished, you will receive an email detailing the results.  The job could finish in less than 1 hour or it may take several hours depending on the time of day and the total number of user profiles uploaded.


  • The Batch Upload Utility can be used to batch upload user data only, and not the batch creation of groups.  If new groups need to be created in bulk, contact Brainshark Customer Support for details.  Additionally, to make certain your Brainshark site is configured for the use of the Batch Upload Utility, contact Brainshark Customer Support to confirm.
  • At this time the batch upload utility is not supported on a mac. This is available for Windows only.



  • If you have Leading zeroes do not open the file in excel and then save it. The leading zeros will be eliminated
  • If you are attempting to use the -rg switch or the -ip switch please be sure you are using the latest BatchUploadUtility-2013 or higher
  • "receive view receipt" is an optional column at this time and whether it is included or not, makes no difference to the upload


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