I was editing a presentation and can no longer find it after saving changes. Where did it go?

When editing a presentation in Brainshark and saving your changes, you may be brought back to your Home or My Content tabs once completed. If you notice that the presentation you were editing is no longer visible, don't panic!

Depending on your Brainshark user privileges and the type of content you were working with, there are a number of scenarios where edits to a presentation may not appear to you right away. Some of the more common examples are listed below:

  • If this presentation was recently made inactive, or if you have chosen to "Hide content from search" in the Security settings while editing your presentation, it will not appear in your Content Portal tab even if you are the author (or even as an administrator). Instead, try searching in your My Content tab if you are the original author.
  • If you have selected the "Presentation is only available for personalizing content (presentation is not visible to other users)" checkbox in the Security settings of your presentation while editing, this will appear as a wrap in your My Content tab and will be made inactive by default.
  • If you are an Administrator in your Brainshark site, you may also be able to search across all presentations through the Manage Content tool which can be found by heading to Administration > Content > Manage Content. This search tool ignores all security settings and will show all presentations including any inactive, hidden, or archived content.


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