How do I join a Zoom meeting?

When troubleshooting an issue, a Customer Support Representative may ask you to join a Zoom meeting. This way, you can share your screen, and this allows them to see the same thing as you.

Please follow these steps to join a Zoom meeting:

Join the Meeting

  • The agent will send you the email with the link as shown below:
  • Please click the link, and you will be brought to the browser screen with the pop-up window:
  • The numbers listed are referring to the screenshot above:
      1. If you get this dialog pop-up, please click Open Zoom Meetings.
      2. If you do not see the pop-up window, please click Launch Meeting.
      3. If you do not have the Zoom application, you can
          • Install it: Download now.
          • Join via your Browser by clicking Join from Your Browser.

Join the Audio

  • When you launch the Zoom, you will be prompt to the window, as shown below; and you can choose to join the computer audio or via the phone: 
      • Please click Join with Computer Audio if you would like to join via the microphone of your computer.
      • Please click Phone Call if you would like to join the meeting via the phone and the dial-in info:

Share your screen 

  • Click Green Button Share Screen, and then select the screen you wish to share and click Share:
  • Now you will be sharing the screen with the agent.



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