How do I assign folder permissions to multiple groups at once?

As a Company Administrator, you may need to assign folder permissions to multiple groups at once. You can search by Group Names under the Folder Permission section to list all groups that can be allowed folder permission.

To list out all groups in a Folder's permission page:

  1. Click Administration from the top right of your account. 
  2. Select Folders from the left side Settings.
  3. Click Edit Folder.
  4. Locate the folder you would like to assign permissions to and click the Permissions option to the right.
  5. From the top left Search dropdown menu, click on Group Names and then click the Go button to show a list of all the groups in your Brainshark site.
  6. You can choose the level of permissions you would like each groups under your Brainshark site to have for that particular folder.
  7. Click the Submit button on the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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