How can I move subfolders?

As a Company Administrator you can rearrange the hierarchical structure of your organization's folders so your folders display in a different order in your Content Portal.


To move a Folder:

  1. Navigate to Administration. 
  2. Select Folders from the left side Settings.
  3. Select Edit folder.
  4. Click Properties to the right of the Folder you would make a subfolder.
  5. Select the parent folder from the dropdown menu (see screenshot below). 
  6. Click Submit to save changes. 
  7. Now the folder will show as a subfolder under the selected parent folder (see screenshot below).


  • You cannot move the Main company folder or the Users Folder.
  • When you move a folder, the subfolders do not move with it. Subfolders are automatically deleted when you delete their parent folder.
  • If the subfolder has a presentation, you will not be able to delete the parent until the content of its subfolders are deleted or moved.

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