How do I permanently delete users in bulk?

After soft deleting users, Company Administrators can permanently delete users in bulk using the Bulk Delete feature.

To bulk delete users:

    1. Navigate to your Administration menu.
    2. Select Users from your left hand menu.
    3. In this drop down menu select Manage deleted users.
    4. Click on the Request Bulk Delete button in the top right.
    5. Click on the Download template button to download the .CSV file.
    6. Complete the required fields by entering the usernames of the users you wish to permanently delete within the Username field. 
      • NOTE: We recommend limiting your file to 10,000 rows or less.
    7. Enter the value of “delete” within the action column for each user that is to be permanently deleted.
      • NOTE: Deleted users will not be able to log in to Brainshark.
    8. In the reason column, you must enter a value of “Company Policy”, “GDPR Delete”, “User Request”, or “Other” for each row.
      • NOTE: Accounts cannot be restored and all user activity will be permanently deleted.
    9. Once you are finished entering the information into the file, upload the completed .csv by clicking the Upload .csv button below.
    10. If successful, you will now see that the users have been deleted from the list and will be greeted with a confirmation message.
    11. If there are errors contained within the file, you will see the following error message appear after uploading the .csv file.

    12. Click on the Download error file button to download an error report that outlines the errors contained within the file. You will then be able to fix the errors according to the report and re-upload.

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