How to Create a Custom Filter

Custom filters can be added to your Brainshark site to help organize your site's content so that viewers can easily find relevant content. Custom filters can be added to your site by a Company Administrator, but can be applied to an individual presentation by the author.

To create a new custom filter:

  1. Navigate to Administration.
  2. In the Content dropdown, select Custom Filters (see below):
  3. Select the Plus button in the top right.

To add a value to an existing Custom filter:

  1. From Administration > Content > Custom Filters, select the title of the filter.
  2. Select Add a value.
  3. Type your value in the text box under 

Note: You will need to have at least one value added to your custom filter for authors to be able to apply the filter to their presentations. For example, if your filter was titled "Language", then Spanish and English could be the filter values available within the filter for your authors to select. 


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