How do I run the User Bulk Download report for a User Bulk Upload?

The User Bulk Upload allows the Company Administrator to make changes to User accounts systemically. Once downloaded, the User Bulk Download report can be edited to adjust User permissions. The User Bulk Upload Spreadsheet can be processed via the installed Batch Upload Utility or, for larger reports, sent to Brainshark Support for upload.

To generate the User Bulk Download sheet:

  1. Select the Reporting tab.
  2. Under Standard Reports, select Administration.
  3. Search for and select the title of the User Bulk Download Report.
  4. Prior to running the report, specify the report options: 
    • From the Report Basics Tab:
      • Choose when to run the report.
      • Choose if you want it to be emailed to you or generated on-screen.
    • From the Report Options Tab:
      • Checkmark to include Deleted Users if needed.
      • Checkmark to include Inactive Users if needed.
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. Review the report and confirm the options enabled appear how you would like them to appear when processed.

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