Login and Sync Issues using Engager for Windows

If you are having issues with your app, such as trouble downloading content, contacts, accounts, meetings, connection or log-in errors, following suggestions may solve the problem.

Keep in mind that the Engager always checks for new updates when logging in. If you are unable to see new items that have just been assigned to your account, it should appear after the sync period.

These suggestion should be implemented to a limited degree, meaning should the issue be recurring or suddenly appear for multiple users at the same time, Agnitio Support should be contacted, as the problem may be global.

The suggestion are listed according to impact it has on the application, lowest to highest. 

If you are having problems downloading content, contacts, calls, accounts:

  • Log out and log in.

  • Log out, close the application.

  • Log out, close the application, reset cache.

  • Log out, close the application, restart the tablet.

  • Connect to a different network.


Note: If none of the above work, extract the log and database files and send them to Agnitio Support with a description of the problem.

You can find them in following locations:

Log files:


Global.db file:

The global.db file can be found in one folder up - LocalState


Data.db file

The data.db file can be found in the folder localState within a folder with a two-part number name.


There may be more than one folder that fits the description in the localState folder. All the folder name's first part start with same number, unless the PC used by many users (login with more than one account).

So, each folder represents one organization. Organization data (Content, Contacts, Accounts, Calls…) stored in respective data.db file

Remember to enable viewing hidden files and folders on the Windows device.


Following issues are just a sample of problems where this info could be useful:

  • Local Engager C# problem, i.e. it cannot be reproduced on other Windows devices or other users with same rights.

  • Consistent log-in issues, related to product stability.

  • Consistent download/connectivity issues, unrelated to internet connection quality.


If you are having trouble logging in on Engager

  • Check password.

  • Check internet access.

  • Reset Web credentials. (Windows only. Guides can be found on Google)

Last effort suggestions for all the above:

  • Reset the application - This will reset all data (app database remains) and it is advisable that you submit finalized calls to the server before taking this action.

  • Delete the application - This will delete all data and it is advisable that you submit finalized calls to the server before taking this action.

  • Reset Windows user profile. (Windows only and edge case. This is a last-effort solution)

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